Medical standards

When it comes to your health, you shouldn't take chances. That's why scientific scrutiny underpins every stage in the Aware Journey.

1. Collection

A trained medical specialist will draw your blood using sterile equipment at the Aware Lab. We will deliver your sample on the same day directly to our partner laboratory.

2. Analysis

Qualified scientists at our partner laboratory will analyze the health markers in your blood. They perform their analysis in-line with the guidelines of the German Medical Association for Quality Assurance (RiliBÄK).

3. Results

The health tips and medical content available in the app are created and reviewed by a team of doctors at Aware. The reference ranges established by our partner laboratory are based on demographics of a healthy population matched with your age and sex.

Meet our medical team

You’re in good hands.

Anemone Von Blomberg

Medical Doctor

Janine Alonzo

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Azade Toygar

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Amelie Zweyer

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Anna Teuber

Medical Assistant

Kristina Engel

Medical Assistant

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