Test your female hormones

Get things in balance with our Female Hormones test. It checks hormone levels that, when imbalanced, can lead to menstrual irregularities, mood swings, and weight change.

15-minute appointments
Results within 2 working days
Easy sign up and booking
Track results over time
Tested by medical experts
Secured in-app data
15-minute appointments
Results within 2 working days
Easy sign up and booking
Track results over time
Tested by medical experts
Secured in-app data

Understand key factors affecting

Menstrual health

Uncover factors that can cause irregular, painful, and heavy periods.

Sexual well-being

Detect hormonal imbalances that may impact fertility, sex drive, and more.


Explore health markers linked to mood, energy levels, and weight change.

Female hormones test

What’s included in the Female Hormone test?

9 female health biomarkers

Professional blood draw at our lab

Results in 2 working days, trackable in the app

Optional online results consultation with a doctor

Personalized information, including health tips

Aware MEmbership

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Unlock access

As an Aware member, you'll get access to the hormone test, plus more.

Book your test

Choose an appointment at one of our labs at a time that suits you.

Receive results

They'll be ready in 2 working days in the app.

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Check out the male hormones test.


We’re here to answer your questions

What if I use hormonal contraceptives?

Hormonal contraception can affect your hormone levels, so the ranges on your results may not apply. Please consult a doctor to understand how contraceptives could affect your hormone levels.

What if I’m pregnant?

Pregnancy causes significant changes in hormone levels, and the ranges for non-pregnant individuals will not apply. Discuss with your doctor how pregnancy is affecting your hormone levels for an accurate interpretation of your test results.

What if I’m peri- or postmenopausal?

Peri- and postmenopause brings a shift in what is considered a "healthy range" for hormone levels. Please talk to your doctor about how your test results fit into the ranges expected for postmenopausal women. Our peri-and postmenopausal users can also see the relevant reference range on the results pdf.

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